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You are currently on BLIP! SPC, which focuses on supplementary protection certificates (SPC).
BLIP! SPC is part of the BLIP! intellectual property blog offered by the International Centre for Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI) at the University of Strasbourg.

It stems from an initiative of several IP associations:

The blog is intended to be a forum open to all SPC specialists to share their thoughts on national and EU jurisprudence, legislation and, more generally, any topic related to SPCs.
We welcome all types of contributions: long analyses, op-eds, short reports or simple translations of national decisions, as long as they relate to SPCs.
Instructions to authors can be found here.

The editorial committee of the blog comprises a representant of CEIPI and three members of the above associations:
Frédéric PORTAL (LES)
Lionel VIAL (CNCPI).

The blog is managed by the CEIPI Masters 2 students: